Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Menu for our Community CSH Members

Wildflower Community Supported Herbalism /// Summer 2015 

A Menu for our Community Members


Roasted Ilex Tea 
An energizing tea with locally foraged Yaupon Holly & Cinnamon chips

Wildcrafted Mesquite Bean Meal
Nutritious, protein rich & abundant throughout the Southwest... Delicious!

Prickly Pear Cactus Extract
An extraction of cactus pads, thorns and flowers to soothe, cool and moisten in the hot summer.  

Monarda Blossom Honey
Native wildflowers steeped in local honey.  Great for fighting off colds and tastes divine.

Peach Mimosa Cordial
One of Nicole's recipes with some ripe Agarita Berries thrown in.  With French brandy and local honey... it really is something special.

All the Purple Flowers Nervine Tonic
Prairie Verbena, Passionflower, Texas Skullcap.  Can be taken daily to aid in stress and tension relief.

"Shake the Dust" Herbal Powder for People, Places and Pets
Anti-Itch, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bad Vibes.  Powdered herbs and clay.

Texas Sun Spray
Anti-oxidant rich Rosemary, Creosote & Rose Hips for use after sun exposure.

Wildflower Sun Shield Cream
Let's face it... the sun is intense here!  Do yourself a favor and protect that lovely skin of yours!
Shea butter, coconut oil, zinc oxide and nutrient rich, emollient herbs

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