Thursday, September 18, 2014

About the Wildflower CSHH 2015

Welcome to the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine Community Supported Herbalism and Health Project.
Not only will you be supporting community health and herbalism by joining us, but program students and apprentices will be assisting with orders and guest alumni will be contributing toward our menus! Shareholders receive seasonal packages of local herbal preparations, and discounts on healthcare and classes

- One year of four seasonal shares featuring 6 bioregional remedies each
 - 15% off all other products, services, and classes 
- One year of four seasonal shares featuring 3 bioregional remedies each
-  10% off all other products, services, and classes 
- $54 for an individual large seasonal share featuring 6 bioregional remedies
- $28 for an individual small seasonal share featuring 3 bioregional remedies 
Limited availability! Purchase quarterly

Add-Ons For an additional $75, CSHH members may take advantage of 1.5 hours of an intake or mentorship, or combination of intakes in person or on the phone during our scheduled appointment hours with the spotlighted practitioner of your choice.

Winter Solstice Season - Cool and Moist
Spring Equinox Season - Warm and Moist
Midsummer Season - Hot and Dry
Fall Equinox Season - Cool and Dry

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Community Supported Herbalism from the Wildflower School

Coming this fall!  The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine will be selling shares to our community.  You will be able to sign up to receive just herbs, health services, education, or ALL three!
We will have various levels of membership available for your needs.  Students, apprentices and staff will be creating your fresh, local herbal preparations and we will be featuring several alumni in the shares.  Want to know more?
The Wildflower School has been sowing the seeds of the herbal revolution for over 10 years in Austin and is excited to add this to our services.

I pulled this from one of my favorite blogs, Herb Geek
Community Supported Herbalism (CSH)--By Herbalist Melanie Pulla
This is a brilliant business model that functions like a regular CSA (community structured agriculture), but instead of supporting farmers, you’re supporting herbalists. The USDA’s definition of CSA is a “community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.” I love this definition when applied to herbalism – the chosen herbalist becomes the community’s herbalist, and the community invests into the herbalist’s journey replete with highs and lows. I also love the idea of both producing medicinal herb baskets for the community as well as receiving a basket from my community herbalist that was specially crafted according to the season.  A win-win arrangement. Two notable examples of CSH ventures are Goldthread Herbal Apothecary who run a CSH from an herb farm and apothecary in Massachusetts, and Burdock & Rose who runs a creative and artistic CSH from her home in Michigan.