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Fall 2015 MENU 

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Dry Goods for the Harvest Season, Root Down & Nourish

Seasonal Finishing Salts with Rosemary, Thyme & Sage for Fall Harvest Meals
A hand-picked Tea Blend From Our Garden; Mexican Marigold, Tulsi & Hibiscus
Foot Bath Herb Blend Soothing, Grounding 

Re-Moisturize & Replenish

Hair Oil for Strengthening & Repairing frazzled ends 
Emollient Lip Balm Unisex & Handmade
Anti-Fungal Salve to quell excess Heat and Moisture

Relax and Let Go!  

Calm Yerself;  Autumn Edition- A delicious Orange syrup with herbs to support the adrenals, stress-reducing
Prickly Pear Syrup Wild-crafted soothing remedy
Cleansing Tonic to detoxify and clarify your insides

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